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Taking it here from the old thread....

Again, can you produce a link that supports that? Does that source also evaluate how many female players played male Shep and how many males played femShep? Because I played male Shep .... and I'm female. Via mod. How does the "statistic" take that into account?

Yes, they can, and it would help them how? Because it doesn't give them any clue about player demographics unless they have knowledge that helps them evaluate whether the player chosing a certain option is male/female/gay/bi etc.

And they would implement it into a finished game how? Because by the time they would evaluate that, people already own the game. And male/male option was implemented into ME resulting from player feedback and, I guess, from them evaluating how many people played modded Sheps in order to be able to romance the same gender. Why else would they have added it for the last part of the series?

Were we talking about SWTOR? Because you seemed to be talking about ME all the time. In that case, well, I guess Bioware Austin is just learning how well 'pay-to-gay' is received (not well.... and we're not even talking about 'real pay-to-gay' here) and they will certainly evaluate how many people will use SGR content once it's in the game. Will that necessarily influence their decision of implementing more SGR content in the future? We don't know. Your guess is as good as mine here.

There's the link on percentage who picked male/female shepard for you.

I was using ME as an example, which BW is still BW, so you'd think they'd talk, and then beable to implement things on projects in their other games.

While I doubt they can get an accurate level of gender/orientation of player through game play, and would have to rely on more of a polling system. There's some things they can take from what they can tell and use other industries examples as a reference as well.

You hear groups say "If this is an option, more of this group would buy it"

Well, it is an option, and if the options aren't being used all that much to make a noticable change in profits, why put the time and effort into it?

I'm not oppossed to options or diversity. I'm not oppossed to putting things into a game only a tiny percentage of players will use that will show no significant reason on why it was worth the time to put in. I just don't get upset if it's not put in and can see why they didn't, and let's be fair here, there were plenty of people in the other thread who only saw it as "I'm hated and/or not catered to" rather than just calmly saying "You know, I'd love to see this implemented in the game, can we make this happen?"

As for my guess on how many used the male/male option on ME3 (not using it on modded version), was lots of discussions with lots of different people and so more on a personal experience (RL friends of various genders/orientations and discussions in huge chat channels with people claiming to be various genders/orientations. Note: I say claiming, cause I know for a fact there are those who claim to be something in game and aren't).

And to just add, I'm not a concerned troll as I was called in the other thread. And I'm not anti-gay community (if I was, I'd be curious as to my RL and especially manga collection), which I think a few in the other thread think. I will admit, I may lack tact, and I will admit to not being the type who will say "do this to support the minority just to support the minority" which can, in online discussions, possibly make me seem like a bad person in some peoples eyes (I'm really not, I promise).

And you're right (and I don't think I ever denied it) some of what I've said is guesses. As for my guess when SGR is implemented. Male/Female romances will dominate. Female/Female will come in second. Male/Male will come in a distant third in chosen option.