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01.25.2013 , 12:13 PM | #16
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I'm sorry, but if you think that this would help them you are pretty naive.
Also what if they don't get a reasonable amount of gear from those two Ops and then jump straight into EC?

You can carry maybe one slacker in a PUG, but 2-3? Impossible...
Do I think it's a perfect fix? No. But it's not just gear, it's also experience working with a group and taking instructions. At the very least, I still think this is better than what we currently have. And if you feel you're getting too many baddies, then do what people do when they want a fast EV or KP SM: Find a group in general.

Sure a lot of people will end up just using general, but there are a lot of advantages to group finder, not to get off topic.