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Taking it here from the old thread....

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So, ME 1 and 2 at the least targeted every demographic for romances except gay males (untill ME3), and the player base was still 82% picking male shepard.
Again, can you produce a link that supports that? Does that source also evaluate how many female players played male Shep and how many males played femShep? Because I played male Shep .... and I'm female. Via mod. How does the "statistic" take that into account?

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Now, if they can determine how many people selected male shepard over a female Shepard, one would think they could find out the romance options selected just as easily.
Yes, they can, and it would help them how? Because it doesn't give them any clue about player demographics unless they have knowledge that helps them evaluate whether the player chosing a certain option is male/female/gay/bi etc.

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and if male/male option was high on the romance option, don't you think they'd blink, go OMG, and then start cramming more of it into the game.
And they would implement it into a finished game how? Because by the time they would evaluate that, people already own the game. And male/male option was implemented into ME resulting from player feedback and, I guess, from them evaluating how many people played modded Sheps in order to be able to romance the same gender. Why else would they have added it for the last part of the series?

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...purely for the sake of more money (which many agree the point of the cartel market is them wanting more money).
Were we talking about SWTOR? Because you seemed to be talking about ME all the time. In that case, well, I guess Bioware Austin is just learning how well 'pay-to-gay' is received (not well.... and we're not even talking about 'real pay-to-gay' here) and they will certainly evaluate how many people will use SGR content once it's in the game. Will that necessarily influence their decision of implementing more SGR content in the future? We don't know. Your guess is as good as mine here.