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Quote: Originally Posted by Chiramu View Post
I dislike when healers try to DPS instead of watching health bars. Healer DPS is so pitiful, you might as well stand and wait for healing to be done instead.
Pitiful or not, it can be the difference between wiping or not.
Couple of weeks ago we were on EC hm, with 2 new dps getting to know the fights. Probes on minefield were enraging on us, so I whispered the other sorc healer to put Affliction and Crushing Darkness on it. It was no problem, since everything was being interrupted so not much damage and we managed to get a kill. Between unnecesarly wiping or kicking 2 new people, I chose to dps a bit. Not a big deal and it does make a difference.

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loads of times i have to kill some nonelites myself if i dont want them hitting me when i play healer... Ofc keeping the group alive has priority, but iŽll keep throwing dots and lighting at mobs as long as my group is topped of and i have enough force to do so and still keep my group alive.
Yup, I have to do that bunch of times. Lots of DPS still oblivious about killing the weakling first so they don't go for the healer.