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Quote: Originally Posted by Cylnael View Post
They must redesign a part of the database ?

Ok it's The Worst Case Scenario of any big computer prog.

The nightmare generator for any DB specialist.

You're not going to see any fix soon as it means completely reworking the base of swtor i.e. it's database ...

Ho LoL it's a beginner mistake. Not kidding my DB teacher told us so when i was still learning computer science back in the 90s

So, no you won't have any eta other than "soon (tm)" because they have absolutely no clue how to do it without causing major breakdown all over the game ...

Good luck when RotHC comes in, you can kiss your new skill goodbye already.
If that is the case one more good reason to WARN Peopele and stop adding new pets/mounts.

That is irresponsible business behaviour. And as time goes by more and more people will run into the skill cap.

So again BW ...WARN People if it is indeed a major DB problem and stop selling mounts/pets !

If it is not a major DB problem then why am I waiting now for almost 2 months for the "soon" fix??

Make this topic public, put this severe bug on your list! Some people can not even learn all their skills if they respecc to a skill tree which gives them more skills than the one they had when they reached the skill cap by adding pets/mounts.

Furthermore CS CAN HELP by deleting unwanted mounts/pets to free up room for learninmg skills or the pets/mounts we want more. Why are they not doing this?? Why are my tickets asking them being ignored or I am told to wait for a "soon" patch??

Please all people which reached max skill cap report here so that we can unite!

Thx and br,

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