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No plot today, but I was just recently reminiscing with some other fic writers over fic nonsense of yore and realized that I missed writing limericks. Even bad limericks. So here, in honour of Insanity Company:

Captain Pandorr

A captain at creative peak
Made up words when he started to speak.
We found him desirous
Of planting a virus
To wipe out the wounded and weak.

Lieutenant (once Sergeant) Ritter

To promote off of Hoth, listen so:
Sergeant Ritter could tell you. He'd know.
Though you've froze to your gun
There's a job to be done
So keep going. Uphill. In the snow.

Captain (once Lieutenant) Rutau

A lieutenant half dead from the strain
May press onward in spite of the pain.
We gladly will tend,
And rebuild, fix, and mend,
But alas, we can't give him a brain.

Ensign Rylon

There were secrets that Durmat boy knew,
Under pressure, he'd tell what was true.
So we wiped it away.
He's a new man, we'd say
With one constant: he still has no clue.

Lieutenant (once Colonel) Hareth

An officer simply named Hareth
Doeth more than most people would dareth.
But though glad to bite dust
When her boss says she must,
She's worse at it than (spoilers!) Aerith.

That is all.
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