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Going to put my two cents in here. This is pvp dps slanted. I haven't done pve in almost 6 months.

The main problem with the merc is that it doesn't have a combat specialty. I believe the intent for the merc was to be a movable heavy turent with enough dps to hold off attackers and enough damage mitigation to out last a dps race with attackers if they close the gap. Going with that design the merc should be immobile while attacking and hard to damage while the merc is racking up damage. The first part is true currently but the second part is not. When the game first came out the mercs seem to be just that... "Steel cannons" (apposed to glass cannons). They did enough dps to deter most 1v1 assaults and enough damage to make hard to allow them to just run amuck. In short... they mattered. Now merc can still do a lot of damage if left alone but not enough to deter 1v1 encounters and with all rebalancing of classes the end result is the merc is easy to kill. Making them NOT matter at all in pvp.

There are two ways to go to try and fix the merc.
1) give them tools that will fix the current design
2) give them a new combat role

If you are going to keep the current design the merc is going to need much better defensive cool downs, interrupt protection, and better gap wideners. The merc like the sniper should be allowed to keep attackers at range. For this I would move the talent for turning the shield into interrupt protection somewhere so every spec can get that talent or make it a baseline ability. Give the 30m range back to the electro dart. put a 4 second root on the jetpack knock back (talented) and return the knock back to the uppercut and leave a 2 second root .

If you need to change the mercs combat role I strongly suggest you turn the merc into a kite class. In order to do this you simply allow Tracer Missile and Power Shot to be instant casts. This will should not effect pve dps and if it does tweak the damage or heat cost of them. But allowing the merc to fire on the run will solve a lot of it's utility problems and not effect it's dps.

Nothing I said hasn't been said before, but I was hoping to swing the conversation were we concentrate on the role merc should have and then how we fix the tools to allow the merc to perform well at that role. Right now people just list changes without thinking about how the merc play stile should fit in and still be unique. My vote is to turn the merc into a kiter. There isn't another class that can kite well. Both the sniper and Sorc are just better at staying at range (and escaping in the case of Sorc). But those classes also have to stay still to dps. Giving the merc a kiting role will set them apart.
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