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01.25.2013 , 07:30 AM | #10
Iresso is the only romance I've bothered with. Corso is a keep-em-barefoot-and-pregnant creep, Jorgan is a furry fantasy (and starts off abusing your toon anyway), Theran is a creep with a holo-gf, Quinn is Mr Slimy and Pierce is just a cockney bit o'rough. Doc is, in Kira's immortal words, one giant hormone and Andronikos Revel is yet more rough. Iresso is the only genuinely nice guy I've come across so far and neither my Merc or Operative are high enough to have got male comps yet.

Seems to me that the male NPC romance options almost all have something decidedly off about them, something unsettlingly strange, not just normal run of the mill personality quirks.