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I believe it was a mistake to make such a strong separation between all the classes in game and give every class their own set of companions, even if their story could have easily integrated in different ways - with a few remarkable exceptions such as Kira. As different as our characters may be, they are all adventurers in a the same world of Star Wars who are engaged in the conflict between Empire and Republic in one way or the other.
They could have definitely gotten away with one or two unique companions per class (like Mako and Torian for BH, Risha and Corso for Smuggler) and filled out the rest of the team with faction-tied companions. Sure, it would lead to less character diversity, but it could also come with a quite significant increase in quality.

We'd go from 40 companions (+2 ship droids) to 22 (+2 ship droids). Each class would then have their two unique and presumably human romance options, their ship droid, and on top of that three "aliens" with perhaps a 2-to-1 gender ratio. (Maybe two male aliens and one female for the Empire, and vice versa for the Republic. Then maybe two of the three could be romance options, while the third is a Jawa or some other entirely non-human species.)

Heck, with the money saved on the lower number of fleshed out companions, they could have given each class a unique ship droid. The Jedi Knight's astromech could be his/her ship droid, the Imperial Agent could have one of those creepy floaty probe droids, etc.
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