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Well, I don't like the romances in the game much either - less the available options, but more how they are made.

I believe it was a mistake to make such a strong separation between all the classes in game and give every class their own set of companions, even if their story could have easily integrated in different ways - with a few remarkable exceptions such as Kira. As different as our characters may be, they are all adventurers in a the same world of Star Wars who are engaged in the conflict between Empire and Republic in one way or the other. That's ultimately no less common ground to work from as for the Child of Bhaal or the Warden, the Hero of Neverwinter, maybe even Darth Revan. Similar to Baldur's Gate - the choice of the companions should depend on the character instead of the class. Similar to Mass Effect 2, the story might be the companions' own story, with a few blends in the one or the other character story here and there.

Now, what is done is done. But I would very much prefer new companions to be integrated differently into the game than existing ones and have them include romance options. And - while as I said earlier that is not my primary concern - with more choice! With things as they are a Chiss Jedi Knight cannot possibly hope for romance with a member of his or her own species - there is no Chiss romance option in the first place, barring a mini romance for female Chiss Imperial Agents on Hoth.