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01.24.2013 , 05:50 PM | #8
In my humble opinion, asking 1800 CC for a non account-wide speeder is getting rather ridiculous. If this is going to be a monthly thing from now on, it'd be nice to have some warning now before I even begin to think about making collector purchases that I will never be able to keep up with.

I like the work being put into these items, and they do have good quality, but a company should down right feel terrible for asking $18.00 for a single character unlocked mount. I get that the purpose is to make money here, but wouldn't you benefit more from placing player amusement before pure profit?

I don't like this new sole focus on one-off transactions that SWTOR and GW2 are now infatuated with. To me, these are predatory moves to take advantage of the gamer's collector mentality wrapped up in a silver bow made to look like new content. We, as a community, need to find a better balance between supporting a company through micro-transactions and the money grabbing that takes the player out of the fun, and instead forces them into worrying over the next new toy.
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