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01.24.2013 , 05:37 PM | #16
ATI 6950 2gb here,I-3570k

The games runs smoothly at 1920x1080 - Very High + 2 AA(supersampling),most places its around 45-50 FPS.

There is a inexplicable FPS loss at certain areas -for example,at your ship when you look at the holo-communicator

The only places i have trouble is the fleet,16-men ops(where my fps drops in half) and certain areas in high-density jungle-like planets.

I haven't seen an improvement(or degradation) in performance from 12.11 though.

It's weird that Swtor came out when 11.11 were out,and now at 13.1 there no official mension of any kind of Swtor performance improvemts in any AMD drivers.