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01.24.2013 , 04:14 PM | #7
I recieved a warning not that long as ago so someone is obviously looking at it. Not sure how much they are looking into it though because as far as I could remember I had never said anything offensive to anyone with the exception of a borderline comment in a warzone. I basically told my team mates to get their stuff together, I didn't curse and I didnt direct it toward an individual person. Now, I believe a premade was on the recieving end of my comment and that they all reported me and perhaps also told their guildies to do so. Such a BS move.

Personally I think that warzones should be a safe haven. You should be able to take out your frustration and tell other people to man-up. There should obviously be some restrictions, such as threats and racial slurs, but that's about it.
As for the fleet and planets, I have pretty low tolerance for BS in general chat. I'm not reporting people for it but I just don't see any reason for arguing there.