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Well, for the most part romance in this game is hitting the items labeled [Flirt] any time they come up because if you miss the wrong one you will be locked out of future romance conversations. But don't worry, once you're past the unmarked lockout point you can, with a very few exceptions, never stop the romance again.

A lot of romanceable companions have maybe 5-6 romance conversations, so that's nice. They are gated by approval and by your progress in the class quest; the companion will tell you when he wants to talk to you, so you don't have much control over the pace. Once the conversation line is complete you'll get a few very cool bonus in-game mails, then...nothing. No additional conversations, no special on-click statements, nada.

If you're not looking for the long term, there are one-night stands you can have with some NPCs on individual planets as you quest through; some classes get more of these opportunities than others.

It has been a titanic struggle to get BW to start to take steps toward romantic content for same-gender romances (SGRs); I seriously, seriously doubt they're going to put resources into expanding other romance content for a long time to come. We'll certainly never see the depth of content that single-player games can put their resources into.

All that said? I think Corso is sweet and old-fashioned if clingy; Quinn is either a slightly scary power trip or a long slow ambiguous hesitant strikingly unromantic and yet hard-to-look-away-from saga; Kaliyo is my favorite psycho girlfriend simulator in history; Elara Dorne is just the sweetest possible unfolding of a self-possessed but understandably cautious woman; Andronikos is a leisurely, low-key playmate whose romance stands in wonderful contrast to the hardcore politicking and rank-scrabbling of the Inquisitor's class line. For all their myriad flaws, some of them do add to the game.
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