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This is completely off-topic, but anyway...


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I remember when we were starting HMs months ago with barely a few purple mods from dailies and we had to pay attention how to approach these situations using CC, LOS etc. Try to mark and CC anything today, you will be laughed at for wasting everyone's time.
Exactly, but there is nothing wrong with the current state of affairs in my opinion. The game is not new, the majority of players are supposed to be very well geared and know the flashpoints and most operations like the back of their hands.

Until they retune the content, taking into consideration people the average gear level of the players, you are expected to skip past everything you can, chain pull everything else, AoE as much as possible, spacebar every chat, etc...

I ran flashpoints as you describe one year ago. I wouldn't dare taking an alt to a flashpoint with that gear nowadays. I always have at least a complete campaign set waiting for when the alt hits 50, because I don't want to hold anyone back on a flashpoint.

A point you could make is "not all players are veterans". Indeed, but to be honest new players are also on easy-mode. They are usually not running a flashpoint (for e.g.) with 3 other undergeared and clueless people like we were one year ago. They are in fact being carried by overgeared and experienced players. They are being given Tionese sets, they can get Black Hole gear really fast, they have high-end gear widely available on GTN, there are thousands of tutorials and videos guides for every piece of game content, there are answers to almost every question on Google... So yes, when I join something on LFG I expect players to show up at least in Tionese, to know the tactics, to skip trash, etc... Maybe I am expecting too much...

But I'm not the only one: Please learn how to play the game before you que for flashpoints.


All this means mistakes that were tolerated, or even unoticed, one year ago are inexcusable now. One of them is guarding the healer "just because"...