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I am not sure if reporting rude behavior in general chat is worth it. I've been playing this game for a year now, and have yet to report anyone for it, since I generally ignore rude people and try not to get involved in any "fights" I see in the game. So I'd like to get any of the communities opinions that I can get on the subject. Even if it's just one person.

The reason I ask is because I recently got attacked. For anyone who cares to know more detail:


Of course I ignored this user.
Reporting this type of behavior is the only way there will ever be a hope of a decrease in it. The reason is because I'm pretty sure Bioware doesn't police chat. If enough of these people are slapped with suspensions, or even permabans for repeat offenses, then maybe they will learn that there actually ARE consequences for behaving like anonymous beastly savages.

Even if little Jimmy is allowed to spout off at his mother with that mouth (in this day and age, it's entirely possible) he shouldn't get away with it in public. Yes....for all of you out there who embrace an entitlement mentality, PUBLIC INCLUDES THE INTERNET.

Change can happen if people who CARE about decency PUSH BACK.
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Are you playing TOR on an Atari Potato?