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01.24.2013 , 09:33 AM | #120
I swear to god I love to heal and this **** is just flipping annoying. No healer should have a guard ever (well almost ever). Last night on story mode kp both healers *****ed til they got a guard I tried explaining why they were wrong and don't need a guard. Nobody in the op would agree with me so here I am in full 63 ripping aggro off the boss in every fight. Nobody switched guards and tried to help me. I use my aggro drop as often as I can and am still pulling all the bosses. It was just *********** ridiculous. I shoulda rage quit but I am stupid and just put up with it.

It's funny to see karagga walk into the center of his pit though and lay down a bunch of fire cause that is were I am standing and tank already used up his taunt and can't pull back. I bet the healers love me then when we all had to avoid the fire that was all over the f'n place.