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01.24.2013 , 02:48 AM | #89
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Wow. Just wow.

I was going to pre-order the expansion, but I can't. Stupid system is still f'd up.
Would love to give money to you guys. Sadly I can't. The excuses are getting retarded now.
Oh, well the longer they take. The more stuff I buy somewhere else. From places without restrictions. Stores, movies, and sites that have way better customer service then this game.

This is why Swtor will be dead soon. I have this issue now too. I'm not gullible and will not buy into the ******** your feeding me. Sorry but you people don't know what you are doing whatsoever. I love the game, even with the endless minor bugs you can never find time to fix. You guys wanted to beat out WoW? That's a joke. I hate WoW but at least they fix their issues IMMEDIATELY. No arguments. Don't tell me I have to. Don't try to change my mind. But i will not call costumer service. I SUGGEST EVERYONE REFUSES TO CALL WITH ME. They'll fix the problem on their end if it means they lose thousands of loyal subscribers. Let me just say one really harsh thing. You are the people losing a lot of money in this case. If your ok with that then i am too.
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