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Again, we do appreciate how frustrating this may be but please bear in mind that with matters related to account management and billing we must ensure that that the integrity of the account is maintained at all times.

Thank you once again for your understanding.
I dont think you do. If you guys did, we wouldn't be having this discussion going on over a month now, and even longer for some ppl. Why dont you guys just fix your billing system so problems like this doesnt happen??

I have an idea for you. in the upcomming 1.7. You guys shut down your webpage, do a backup of all user info, and reset your whole system? that might work?? Should help EVERYONE in one go.

Also, it might be an idea, to put a warning in the "Store" section, telling the users, that there is a limit to how much cash one can spend before the system locks you out. So we dont get into this problem in the future??