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Here is what I can tell you when it comes to my healing...

When I use a healing trance on someone if it crits all 4 ticks (which it does a lot) thats an 8k heal to the tank. If I follow that up with a deliverance and it crits, thats an additional 6.5-7k heal. Thats about 15k in heals with just those two heals. If I throw down an AoE heal that is potentially another 5-6k healing.

So we are talking 21k healing just to the tank. I can do that in about 15 seconds. That means that of all the additional adds around us it will take according to the chart 11k damage by one of the DPS to pull ONE add off me. What if there are three adds in the area or more? Like in the beginning of Maelstrom Prison?

With the guard on me it will reduce that threat by 50%. VERY necessary if the tank whats to scoop those adds up with an AoE taunt.
You're not wrong.

But how about the tank save his AOE taunt until right after you've dropped those heavy heals. Suddenly, he's at the top of the threat table + 30%. Plus there are 2 dps, and 11k damage / 15 seconds is only 733 dps. You also have a 4 seconds stun, and a 60 second mez. Good CC will make that fight a lot easier.

On trash, in my opinion, it doesn't really matter who you guard. I've been able to successfully tank MP without guarding anyone (was testing) by bring careful with my cooldowns and paying attention to what was happening.

I just feel it's a bad thing when some players try to use "guard the healer" as a solution for a mismanaged pull, bad CCs or lack of coordination.