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01.23.2013 , 05:02 PM | #96
I am honestly starting to wonder if it isn't amateurs that are running this game.

CS is a joke. Practically none existing, at least in my experience. All one ever gets from tickets are automated responses, and slow ones at that. Are there even humans working in CS anymore?
All the people behind the game wants any more is our money, feels like they have given up on the game.

This may not be the first roll back, but it is one of the worst implemented ever. And to those that hope for a compensation, afraid it won't happen. Never gotten the impression they care much for their customers.

The guild I am in had done the bosses up till TFB in hm, and only had the progress of the first two bosses. For most of us that went, anyway. A couple were locked out up till TFB.
I had been so lucky as winning the dg legs and lost them in the roll back.
We did the run again, but this time the legs didn't drop, but a crap offhand did. The legs were a bigger upgrade than that offhand.

My respect for those working on the game is none existing. They really have to up their work. My expectations however are none existing, expecting the worst.
Unfortunately I like this game, not to mention the people I play with, so I am not quitting or ending my sub. However, I am never going to buy anything that has the EA logo on it ever again, and I'm recommending the same to all my friends.