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Hey Tman, as impressive as always and I am trying to copy your every move, or well at least I am trying to learn from you regarding gear, rotations and stuff, I love the watchman specc and since you are the best, I try to learn as much as possible. Anyway, I was wondering if you had time for a few questions regarding rotations and gear setups, I would also like to note that I am not spending much time at the dummy, I only PvE.

1. I noticed that your relics are the Elite War Hero ones, why not the Dread Guard that are "supposed" to be best in slot for sentinels, are the Elite War Hero that much better?

I tried both. In the end 2 EWH relics worked best for a 5 minutes fight. (at least I always did more dps with 2 ewh; can be as well that I was totally unlucky with crits in those runs with the activation relic) However, in PvE I am sometimes using 2 EWH relics and sometimes 1 EWH relic and the +350 power relic. It depends on the boss we have to face. If I am able to constant dps I use 2 EWH relics, for example on Kephess in TFB. At Bosses where I need higher dps at special phases I use one activation relic instead, like on Kephess in EC.

2. Should I "Save" Zen for Overload Saber or/and should I save Overload Saber for Zen, I mean if I have 24-26 stacks and Saber comes off cooldown, should I use it or save for zen? Same with Zen, lets say I have 30 stacks and Saber comes off cooldown in 2-3s, should I save my stacks for it?

I am always doing it as you say the 2nd: If I see my overload saber's cd is soon done I wait these 1-2s before I activate Zen. Other way around, I never wait to use cauterize or overload saber cause it's your main dps abilities.

3. How much should I use force charge, every time it comes off cooldown as an focus builder or should I rather use strike?

Dunno what's force charge. You mean that single target attack with force?

4. Why is your parser site always in German, I cry for myself when trying to see your rotation, I studied English, Spanish and Italian, never German

My parses are in German cause I am German and my game runs in German language.
Above the answers. As I said before, I do not see myself as the godfather of sentinels. That's just how I play mines.
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