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Really? My god if a dps can't kill a trash mob he pulls before it kills him then that DPS is pretty lame....

I play a healer quite a bit lately and I do notice a huge difference aggro wise being guarded and not being guarded... If the DPS is geared so highly that he pulls the trash mob off a tank then he shold be able to quickly kill that trash mob given the gear he has..

I have a gunslinger that has all Dread Guard Gear except for the helmet and chest, and I have no issues killing trash mobs fast If I pull them off a tank....

The whole argument is rather moot anyways as most DPS will target the trash mobs the Tank's are not even on... So your going to pull aggro regardless if your guarded or not.... Ill say it for the 100th Time, the only time a DPS needs to be guarded is during a BOSS fight.... If the DPS needs to be guarded during trash pulls then he just sucks as a DPS'er
I disagree. Yes, as a full dread guard slinger, if you pull something, you will most likely kill it before it reach you. problem is still the fact you pull it in the first place. As a healer, the more the tank tanks instead of dps. the happier i am. As a DPS, the more the tanks tank instead of me. the happier i am (cos lets face it, i am quite low on the healing prio list when **** hits the fan). As a tank, the more i tank instead of others, the happier i am, since im actually doing my job. While some say that dps pull mainly due to them attacking other targets than the target the tank is tanking, thats their problem. I do that myself, for 2 reasons, either The tank is not doing his job, and **** hit the healer, or i use an aoe. And in regards to aoe. I know that it's dangerous to use em in combat since im giving the tank more to do, but lets face it, its an aoe attack for a reason, if i use it recklessly, its my problem, if i get aggro for using them when im supposed to, its the tanks. You would say a guard helps here? Guess again. If the tanks do the pull as is custom, they will gain initial aggro, if they follow up on that , happy days. If they don't any form of guard wont help. guard or not, **** will still go for the healer, and some dps have the foresight to compensate by attacking the stuff hitting the healer.
same thing with the taunt multiplier, 130% (not sure bout the exact number) that the taunt multiply with help heaps when tanking. but keep in mind, 130% of nothing is still nothing.

However, if we take bossfights in consideration then the guard should always go to the one most likely to pull of the tank , and it aint gonna be the healer. There is only 1 time ive ever tanked a boss as a healer. that was when me and the tank messed about and intentionally had me tank it (that fact that the dpser's didnt pull off me is nothing short of tragic, but that is another story). the times i've seen **** tanks lose aggro and not get it back however are quite numerous. There are times where ive seen people wait for ages before engaging a boss and still rip aggro off the tank, and while a good geared dps most likely wont have any issues surviving that if they have a healer who knows what they are doing, fact of the matter is still this: id much prefer to heal the tank over the dps, for the tank take less dmg.

For all you tanks out there who complain about dpsers ripping aggro off you. Trust me when i say, you can successfully tank almost any mob, regardless of your current gear level, against any type of dps, regardless of how high it is, if you know what you are doing, ie if you guard the dps that might pull off you, if your gear is bad compared to theirs, weave taunts into your rotation (though that helps for all tanks).

In short, read up on how threat in this game works (this can be said to all those who havent) for "having tanked for x years in WoW" really is the WORST argument ever
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