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01.23.2013 , 04:15 PM | #6
let me say first off i paid for the pre-order of Cartel pack expansion.

As a Bounty Hunter i got two "Ty Master sabres" that are WORTHLESS!
In cartel packs they were bound from pick up for the day and half and remained bound!
even afterwords, I'm a bounty Hunter, all i can do with them is scrap them at a heath droid?
that's horse Sith! I paid money that i worked my *** off for to buy gear I CAN use in game!
I do not care what character i need to use to use the items, but don't drop gear on me knowing i will never be able to use and say "see were making up dates and bringing in new exclusive gear!" when in fact you gave me NOTHING i could EVER USE! and stole my money!

wanting items to be legacy bound is stupid your all lazy for saying it. earn your gear nerd!

I do NOT want all my characters to have this one item,
i want it to be bound to one character as it should be!
I'm Fare with that but for Sith sake at least let me FRELLING send it to someone who can use it.
or at least let me auction it off! for credits! something!
But no as it sits right now their bound and there's nothing i can do with them. and that's KIFE!

Save this kind of treatment for people who don't subscribe. I pay money to play, I want to use gear I pay for out of pocket in real life.

why cant I send these items to a different or new character?
(and please i don't want 100 people complaining after this)

I want some real answers from an identified SWTOR REP!

I got pants that are Cartel that didn't bind. i could send them to who ever i wanted, but Sabers and crystals No dice! those are bound pointlessly and permanently.

I want to know why, from a SWTOR REP! in detail not one of there classic fluff off answers!
Show me Credits and ill show you Results