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Really? My god if a tank can't manage more than one mob they must be pretty lame.

Sorry but it's true. Even if you can't CC there is more than enough abilities across all of the classes in this game to ensure the tank can maintain aggro.

Guard on DPS, ALWAYS

As for damage, someone has to take it. If you guard the healer the DPS you just took it off will now get that extra 5% (woooooh big damage!)
Really? My god if a dps can't kill a trash mob he pulls before it kills him then that DPS is pretty lame....

I play a healer quite a bit lately and I do notice a huge difference aggro wise being guarded and not being guarded... If the DPS is geared so highly that he pulls the trash mob off a tank then he shold be able to quickly kill that trash mob given the gear he has..

I have a gunslinger that has all Dread Guard Gear except for the helmet and chest, and I have no issues killing trash mobs fast If I pull them off a tank....

The whole argument is rather moot anyways as most DPS will target the trash mobs the Tank's are not even on... So your going to pull aggro regardless if your guarded or not.... Ill say it for the 100th Time, the only time a DPS needs to be guarded is during a BOSS fight.... If the DPS needs to be guarded during trash pulls then he just sucks as a DPS'er
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