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Makes me sad to see that barely anyone thanks Bioware for the stuff they do, but soon as something 'bad' happens you're all on to post your hatred towards them.
I've seen thanks on here before, but what you seem to fail to realize is that that stuff is not on the CUSTOMER SERVICE forum, that's for them to assist in servicing their customers... strangely enough, most of which come here when... wait .... when something bad happens... Go figure...

Now if they actually did rectify issues when they were raised and provided a good quality of service promptly then maybe the forum would be filled with a ton of short thread with people who problems were sorted and ended with thanks to whoever helped them...

I've seen those kind of threads, sadly BW don't respond properly when there are major issues, there are either no response or inadequate responses, hence the bile in many peoples statements.

I have submitted my ticket for my lost items and i expect they returned to me, and based on my experience with in game tickets so far, they may do so, after a great deal of time but we'll have to see. A good quality response on here in the meantime would go a great length to mending the bridges BW seem intent on burning...

p.s Good job on switching the quickbar lock back!