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Bugs that i have experienced during one month of playing

1. SWTOR program crashes often, without any error message (once per three days). Sometimes, when i quit swtor correctly, it freezes, hangs - the task manager says swtor not responding.
2. Inspect function - very often happens, that i see my own gear or i see inspected player stats, but when i hover over them i see my values (crit rating...)
3. When i join ops in progress, insta-travel doesnt work, when i get to the ops by leagacy fleet ability, it says to reset my active phase (happened to me like 4times)
4. When i join ops or group, when i am in story mode area - i get stuck in mid air, mobs attacking me from melee range, but when i want to attack back it says out of range (happened to me twice)
5. Sound will just go off ( and i dont accidentaly pres ctrl+s), usually happens to me during space missions, but it happened during questing too.
6. Some flahspoints bugs, like force leaping to robot boss at esselss, droping through texture to the bottom of the platform the boss stands on. Cadenimu, jumping on descending elevator, you will fall through it to the bottom - these are like 1 year old bugs.
7. Server issues ,when lag spikes to 40k ms - thats like 40 seconds lag - *** ? I am not talking about WZs, but it mostly occures in WZs.
8. The animation of your ability is triggered, but no CD starts - no effect of the ability.
9. Lags in WZs, when you want to time your defensive CD right. Well its better to press that defensive ability 1-2 seconds earlier, because it doesnt register it on time. You can observe this when you are going to die. You are practically death, but you still appear standing for 1-2 seconds. The same thing with your companions - you need to click at least twice on a gather node to compel your companion to action.
10. Whats the rule of out of combat ? No DOTs on me, no enemy near and still waiting to go out of combat for 20 seconds ? Sometimes it will drop you out of combat, right away after u kill someone or after you run from him.
11. Switching off companions stance, when you dissmiss him or send him on mission. Sometimes mounting on a ride,when companion is active and then engaging in combat short after results in fighting alone, without your companion.
12. Random flaspoints ops bugs like KAON, raghoul boss - cannot be killed, because the barrel debuff wont apply, TFB last boss - tank touched a wall and was insta-killed...
13. In ops in progress, one of team mates left - couldnt join LFG, after two more left, suddenly i could put us in LFG.
14. Increase the volume of sound effect for whispers and finding a ops/flashpoint. What i do now, is to decrease the volume of everything except master and set FX volume to 100 and max. windows sound and volume on reproductors - still not enough. Also i noticed that, when you have swtor in backround
(with background sound on) you can only hear mail received, crew mission complete... - but no flashpoint/ops found.
15. Lightsabers doesnt sheathe properly following with annoying vibrant sound.
16. Sometimes the whole head of my character disappears.
17. Once in ops EV, the boss in lava lake, in mid phase i couldnt move or jump forward, i still could move backwards - it wasnt a connection or lag issue.
18. Companions stupid ai - breaking cc with their aoe, healing themselfs first then you...
.... I dont rememebr all of them. These are some, that comes to my mind right away.

Suggestions for improvemnet
Take the good stuff from other mmo´s - its not copycatting, when you dont have original ideas. Certainly it would make players experience better. Dont having a LFG at the start - *** ? Is that original - oh, yes - but in a bad way.
1. ready check for groups and ops
2. LFG accessible all ops at the start, not only EV and KP story mode. Interserver flashpoints, ops - sometimes its impossible to find ops in timely manner (WZs are fine)
3. You can reverse engineer whole stacks of items, but you cannot give stack of gifts to your companion. Also option to divide stack of 10 into 5x2 or 10x1 easily would be appreciated.
4. At least two sets of skill builds, with own taskbars, with own gear setups.
5. Birthright legacy items should scale with level of the wearer.
6. Make the suggested buyout price for items selling on GTN update from time to time or let it remember the last buyout price you set for that same item.
7. Allow addons, online armory....
8. When you create a new character, keep the interface settings and keybinds setting from previous one.
9. Make or upgrade current cartel item trainer to teach crew skills also.
10. The world pvp has no rewards. has no meaning.