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01.23.2013 , 04:00 AM | #66
Its pretty obvious from all the posts that there are a lot of angry people and all the devs can say is we'll get back to you. Me and my wife too lost 3 hours of gameplay last night was level 24 sat on Republic Space station when the server kicked us back to character screen and we were shoved back to level 22 sat on Taris at the start of the entire Bonus series we had finished and had started a quest or 2 or Nar Shadaa before login off for the night.

Its riddiculous I had put a ticket in straight away and over 12 hours later still havent had a reply ingame to it.

I would suggest a big explanation of what has happened and how you intend to resolve this for everyone as I dont wanna go start the entire bonus series again later on when maintanence has finished only to be rolled back or forward yet again.

Please state what u intend to do wether u intend to just leave people in the lurch or try to fix this as a lot wont be able to play till its resolved.