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Being a newbie (45 years old, having played SWG only for 3 weeks total), I can speak from experience this past week.
Things I didn't know before flashpoints.

1. I didn't know the difference between greed and need. Got yelled at and passed on everything from then on. Kind of figured it out now, though.

2. Being a sentinel, I kind of recognized I needed stuff with strength, I don't think it is hard to recognize what you need for your class.

3. I can't type and fight at the same time in flashpoints. I don't know how you guys do it.

4. Shouldn't they, Bioware, let you trade items dropped in Flashpoints? It would do a lot to cool hard feelings for people who don't know the difference and pick up something they don't need but another group member needs. I would have gladly traded but the stuff is bounded.
They just added #4 with 1.6, so way overdue, but on the right track
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