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To all my fellow SWTOR players,

This is a thread that I want to make as a big impression to Bioware/ EA so please help me with these issues of horrible lag, up and down latency, Galactic Trade Network Issues, etc. My goal here is to make a loud enough noise on here to get them to Open more and improve there SWTOR servers. Please Help Me do with listing your views on these issues and experiences in game.

I am on Harbringer and what I've read so far is the server has been known for these issues, but anyways I came back playing late November 2012 after quitting WoW after 6 years. I love this game its fun and its star wars and everything in it I really am into and thus why I am trying to save it from crashing and burning.

Bioware/EA you guys NEED to Open up more servers now is the time with all of these new F2P players open specific servers for them, I get the point of letting them play with Sub'd players because they get to see what they don't have and why they should buy them game. But your ruining it the experience for the people who are actually paying your bills and your employees salaries. OPEN UP MORE SERVERS AGAIN at least 5 more and maybe some extra just F2P ones or separate Sub'd from F2P totally. F2P is a good demo of the game but the thing is with MMO's ANY Veteran MMO player will tell you that you need to pay to play to get the whole experience especially being F2P is SO SO restricted its pitiful and everything is attached to Cartel Points/Micro Transactions.

So Open Up more Servers at least 5 or so, then improve and upgrade them the quality so far is sub pair come on guys I know you can do better and this is STAR WARS not some random IP, make it awesome especially because you have announced a new Expansion. Also the Maintenance over the Holidays was a NO NO you guys probably has a Cache on the servers so big it took you the 8 hours to dump it. Also your Auction House/Galactic Trade Network is first well actually its here and there the longer the week goes after reset on Tuesday its LAGS so bad and will lock up and I have to log out and in to fix it. Also these up and down latency issues can't happen come on in PVP the screen locks up and then comes back and I'm dead and that happens more then I can count anymore.

Your customers, Your PAYING customers are asking you to do this Open Up MORE SERVERS and the different aspects of the game onto there own servers the GTN should be on its own server, Ops and FP's should be on multiple servers by themselves, ALL PVP needs to be on there own servers. You guys make enough income with all the games your sell, trust me DO ALL OF THIS and your subscribers will stay playing and more will come, ALOT of people are quitting WoW and coming to SWTOR and there Veterans who are sick of Blizzard and there repainting of a game and reselling it. Thus why I left I love this game...

I love Star Wars, New Movies heading our way <Chance to promote this game!!!

Stability ESPECIALLY with your servers and good latency with servers, spreading the wealth so to say is KEY to running a MMO and keeping it going!

Please subscribed make this thread HUGE and let them HEAR OUR VOICES!!!