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01.22.2013 , 07:52 PM | #9
I also play on Jedi Covenant, and queue pops faster for tank.

Sometimes, I queue as heal on my sorc for HM FP because I don't want to wait the dps queue, and it pops within 30 sec-2 min.

It is also doable to do crap without a healer, altough its mostly breaking a leg to get to the peanut butter jar.

However, as sorc DPS I pretty much 2-manned with a PT from my guild the last fight of Kaon HM since we missed the "brb" message of the healer. Other dps didnt move when the two rak were sent on him, got killed, and we pretty much killed the 3.

I however threw 2 heals at him + the bubble. Also sorc is rather good at nuking the thrash adds.

They made content that most dps cannot take the damage, even with a healer at their back, and most likely the healer end up under fire quickly and needs to keep himself alive as well.