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Well... courtesy and respect for others goes both ways.
The expectation cannot be solely on others to "pass on knowledge" without each individual also making an effort to learn or find out things for themselves.
OP dings 50 and queues for a tier 2 flashpoint without doing the most rudimentary check of asking someone or even searching the forums (OP is very active on forums) - why is the onus on other players to explain things to OP?

Knowledge can be gained in a multitude of ways - thin air being the east successful of these - so I would recommend you and OP stay away from that method and stick to google, dulfy and the large number of informative websites, guild/ friends chat and forums.
Can you see through a keyhole with both eyes?

Sorry, booting people from a group for being undergeared without explanation or even a hint as to where said player could go to find info he/she needs is rude and elitist. So many people complain they can't find players geared right for certain operations, but do nothing to actually help the situation, instead chasing away potential new-recruits to the operations scene by acting like the knowledge for HM flashpoint gearing should be common.

Passing on knowledge takes scant seconds, and is as easy as posting a link, or pointing out where to go. Giving a player a hard time for not seeking knowledge for a HM flashpoint beforehand, even though there were no warnings from the game he/she should do so before entering the queue, is ignorant. Yeah, there IS a lot of info for operations and flashpoints out there on the interwebz.

Too bad players are too busy to point them out to ignorant n00bs.

You can't expect the onus to be on the new lvl 50 to find out info on gearing for HM flashpoints, when there is no guide in-game to tell him/her what flashpoint needs what gear, it just tells him/her to buy their first set of Tionese gear, then go ahead and queue up! Newbies to the Ops scene can't be blamed for game failures. The way the OP got booted just keeps people away, and does nothing to encourage new Ops players. Existing Ops players should know this, and WANT to help others, because the person they help today, may be the player they need for that impossible Op tomorrow.