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Quote: Originally Posted by TrooperKorsair View Post
Not as of now, we have recieved many pictures to add to the project, about 3/5ths done with the screenshot collection, then the actual project can get started

I've been unable to post as I couldn't reply or post anything in the forums for some odd reason until recently, i'll be sure to give a full update later today or tomorrow

Are you sure? I don't see photo's from tython in my email. Try sending it again, maybe it didn't go through?
Yeah, I had the same problem when posting, which sucked, because I came across this REALLY funny line from a class-story mission-giver, and tried to post it the the "funniest lines" thread, but website kept telling me I was logged in, yet not logged in. *sighs* I wish I could remember the exact line, but jist of it is, he tells me to go find some Voss Shaman, because he has a bone amulet I need.

"Make him give you the Bone."
(I'm sure I got it wrong, but that was pretty much what he said, would have had the exact quote, but website here was being wonky with logins, and then I logged out of the game without thinking or copying down line, grrrrrr!).