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I recall the Empire living off bribes as well. I believe it was a Sith Acolyte who wants to bribe you to stop her Master from proving that all living things can have the force.

The same with another Sith (Lord I believe this time) that wishes to bribe you to keep secret that Jawas are infact capable of using the force and then act like it never happened.
It is not a common thing among the Sith to aknowledge that force is living - in fact they are using it as a tool, weapon. To her he was simply insane blob that was keeping her advancement. Overall it is a little thing that would affect mostly philosophy at best.

She didnt bribe you from what I remember but orders you to secure image and position of the Sith within Empire citizens - it wouldnt be nicely viewed if a rat in rags would be able to use force just like a Sith Lord ( althou, this quest seems to be a little bit out of line with whole lore, as citizens of the Empire are ratherin possesion of knowledge that Jedi are aliens too, many aliens that they view as lesser ones - so this quest is tricky, but either way her itentions are fine )
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