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I see a few whiners in here so let me explain...yea I understand newbies might not understand flashpoint the first time you know it happens....but wrong stat gear? Seriously? My 11 year old little brother could figure out the right gear to have on here is no excuse for that. It's honestly not that big of a deal I just find it hilarious when I see people do the **** I listed.
11 year old im guessing your....15-16ish at BEST given your point of view. First off junior you need to up your tolerance lvl and lay off the monster while listening to beiber and wishing miley cyrus knew you were are a blip on the radar of life or what ever you kids do these days. Its easy as **** to reach 50 no matter your gear so you could be all "WHAT EVER BRO" to some 9-10 year old who actually think they are playing a game and not some site for socially disfunctional kids who think they are keyboard gods.
Ive come across a lot of people who didnt know thier *** from a hole in the ground but i spent 25-30 min answering questions and HELPING them understand and dont give me "well they are 50" have no idea the situation that has them where they are,all your concerned with is if they meet your standards of game play, your just assuming they should know...well guess what squirt here is a real life lesson...and no its not about a 360 degree, no scope shot for a head kill. normally when you assume you make an "***" out of yourself.
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