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01.22.2013 , 04:48 PM | #106
The worst part is you'll get to level 50 and the players are just as clueless but because they've reached that level they think they're the shizz lol.

The things that really grind on me just now constantly happen:

1) Idiots trying to force push/overload shielded droids in 'Collicoid War Game'. Instead of admitting they're wrong they scoff 'nah I can do it' as they look like a *** getting slammed over the edge

2) Idiots ignoring your 'watch out for the shockwaves' when fighting guns in cademimu or aforementioned droids only to fly over the edge seconds later. Athiss dino too....

3) Those that just won't get out of the damn fire/acid as their health plummets before blaming the healer (Cademimu boss, ATHISS final boss - WORST, Collicoid Final Boss - WORST, matriarch on foundry etc)

4) The ones who won't hide from the bosses in MP when they're obvious snipers.

5) Not understanding that healers can't heal if you're out of sight or reach. Worst scenarios are the mid boss in MP when the idiots all hide behind crates and keep peeking out and circling and dancing around the blocks and moan that u aren't healing them as u frantically run about trying to get them in view. Heals take a few seconds guys. Another head scratcher is the end boss in directive 7. 2 of the team fight one turret while one idiot goes off to take the other one on himself so u can only heal half the group at one time....

6) Idiots who don't listen and when running from Athiss final boss, Xander in cademimu etc keep running out of the main area and the boss resets its health.

As you can tell I'm mainly a healer lol grrr