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01.22.2013 , 02:09 PM | #23
actually SWTOR is better then most MMO's in helping you figure out what sort of stats you need. when I just started playing, I was pretty confused (especially about stims you are given/can find). by the time I was about lvl 7, I was mostly unconfused, because quest rewards you get are specifically itemized for your class. you don't get 3-4 pieces of gear to chose from, all different stats - you get gear that only works for you (or your companions, but in that case, it actually has their names on it). and even then I ended up running into trouble questing on quesh, because I wasn't upgrading my gear properly (i would end up spending all my comms on a new orange shell or two, and not have any left over to upgrade the rest of my gear, and since I'd pick coms instead of gear as a reward, didn't even have those greens to fall back on)

people learn at different speeds. not everyone is good at video games. you can get mad at them. you can just leave the group and let them continue floundering. or you could try to help them. nicely. I've done all 3. getting mad was the most unproductive choice.