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So I just ran Athiss (republic side) and got a grand total of 2 social points. At that rate I need to run it another 279 times to get to Social 2. I thought Flashpoints where the best way to gain social points? If so, which is the best FP to gain them from, please? If FP are not, which is the best way to get them, please?
Social points are based on the conversations and who gets the higher roll in the conversation usually gets the higher number of social points. The best FP (republic side) to run for social points is the Essles and I would recommend a group of 4 as you get more social points that way.

Also try grouping on heroics and just normal quests. I have a friend that is almost at social 2 and she is now just getting to balmorra, though her and her friend constantly group when they are playing.
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