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Those QQing about the bubble stun don't give a flying FAKK about the Sorcerer (Sage) or what happens to the ACs. They want to be able to destroy the Sorcerer/Sage completely uninhibited. I wonder how they would feel if the Sorcerer & Sage completely disappeared from WZs never to be seen again. I'm sure they'd complain about the loss of their 'easy medal farming targets.'
see my previous post.

you are correct. I don't give a hoot about sorcs/sages. haven't leveled mine yet. and I also don't give a hoot about farming sorcs/sages. what I do care about, however, is getting stunned stunned stunned whenever I attack or even approach an enemy, which is what the current state of bubble stun amounts to. I'll attack a sage. sure. I'll attack and op and a pyro and a sentinel, etc. they bubble stun me too. doesn't matter which melee I'm playing.

I'm not mr. smash monkey. I also don't have a jugg yet. I hate the fact that so many ppl smash. it sucks. the answer isn't bubble stun. that's like fighting the flu with aids. fyi: bubble stun also holds ppl in place for said smashers. it's not simply a counter to smash. they're both melee wreckers.
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TL;DR Bolster is meant to help entry level players, ranked PvP is not entry level PvP.