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Not true, they MIGHT be able to give out internal details, however something in a CS contract is most likely prohibiting them from doing it.

Even if they were not to have that clause in there it's very poor practice for any game company to give precise dates on things such as this because some other issues could arise that push back the release of the specific problem. They'd get such a storm from people if they were to say "it will be in the very next patch that will be going out on day X" and it were to turn out to have to be pushed back.

It also wouldn't be fraud as it doesn't appear to affect everyone and they have no way of knowing who is actually affected by this issue. Fraud is a very hard thing to have get the charges to stick

I agree that it's a serious issue however to say something like this is being rather ignorant.

I also agree that BioEA's customer service is god awful most of the time but vagueness is usually the way companies address their customers with issues such as this

I do hope this gets fixed rather quickly, while I personally am not affected by it, it would be a pain in the *** if i were
Well if I have a car that has the tendency to break down after they reached a mileage of 30.000 and I know that and I still sell the car not informing my customers and at the same time run a campain "drive our car to the fullest" with our special milage packages you can buy gas cheaper so you can drive more than this not only fraud but as well stupid.

So your statement it is not fraud is not true because EVERYONE in this game will reach that skill cap if they played enough and achieved enough. SO your statement that not everyone is affected does not lie in the product design which is faulty but in the usage by the customer.
It is like in the above example. People who park this car in their museum or drive just to work with it will never or very late come to the 30k break down point. But people like me who drive long distances are there already.

And it is fraud as well because they know it but do not WARN anyone. It is not even on their official bug list!

And why it isnt on there?? Because if people can not learn the mounts and pets (one of the major selling points of the packs!) than it makes no sense to buy them = less sales for EAware.

Furthermore of course their information policy sucks. Your argument that CS has rules in place which prevent them to say anything might be true but still EAware put those in place so it is THEIR discision to NOT inform THEIR customers.
I wish they would better say "We will fix this problem on 15th of February" and than on 12th of February announce "Sorry folks we run into some technical problems we have to postpone it by 1 week".
We all have sympathy for things that go wrong. But we do not have any sympathy left for bull******** us and leaving us in the dark! If I hear the word "soon" my pulse quadrouples and my blood pressure skyrocks!

What a lame customer information politics! Take a look at Cloud Imperium the company of Chris Roberts making Space Citizens! That is what I call a close connection to its fans and customers. This is modern day embedment of customers into one´s product. There you can see what is on the "wall of crazy" and what will be implemented into the game by choice of the majority of the players.

But well I am just ignorant as you say....p...I just know if I treat my customers like BW "is doing us" (see the pun there? ^^) I would have to look for new employment.

Well have a good one as I have to collect pets for my bank vault now =)


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