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01.22.2013 , 11:57 AM | #14
I am a sniper with marksman skill setup.

From my skill tap (if you press p) I have the following skill numbers:

General 8
Imperial Agent 29
Sniper 17
Legacy 21
Companion 115 (Kaliyo-20, Vector-16, Tempel-18, Dr. Lokin-17, Scorpio-17, HK51-16, 2VR8-11)
Vehicles 54
Pets 32
Total Skills visible: 276

Now we have to speculate about "hidden skills" which are not visible in your skill tap.

These are:
Crewskills (3) or even (9)
Speeder Piloting (3) or maybe just 1
Fleetpass speed up (3) or maybe just 1
Travel speed up (3) or maybe just 1
Warzone exp (5) or maybe just 1
FP Exp (5) or maybe just 1
Space Exp (5) or maybe just 1
Class Exp (5) or maybe just 1
Exploration Exp (5) or maybe just 1
Altruism (3) or maybe just 1
Persuasion (3) or maybe just 1
Crafting (3) or maybe just 1
Leadership (3) or maybe just 1
Rep droid speed up (2) or maybe just 1
Post driod speed up (2) or maybe just 1

I think that the skill system like the "active skills" show will upgrade to the highest version of the skill so I think we should consider the passive boosts from above to be just 1 excluding the crewskills where I am not certain but I think there it is 1 as well per instead of 3 per.

So the hidden skills would sum up to 17 skills which would bring the total to 293.

Maybe I forgot some skills? Maybe HK51 does count as a "skill" as well?

Well altogether we might can think that the skill cap is at 300 total`?

Maybe others can present their numbers as well.

Hope that helps.

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