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4 manning HM EV was tough, I'd imagine 4 manning NiM EV was fairly brutal. Were there a decent amount of wipes or was it smooth sailing?
Yeah there were a decent amount of wipes lol.

We had 2 wipes on the droid, one on the puzzle, and two on Soa.

The droid is definitely the hardest fight in the whole op, I haven't heard of a group getting past him without having a rDPS kill him from behind the pillar during his last missile salvo because the enrage timer is so tight.

We one shot Gharj even though it was very sloppy, those pounces do a lot of damage on nightmare and there is only so much force camo to go around -.-

The puzzle wipe was because we were trying to stay "healthy" in between presses, took too long and wound up getting two acklays at the end on both sides, with only one side having a healer you can probably guess how that turned out lol.

The two wipes on soa were fairly unavoidable though, just bad luck. If the fight goes normally he is very easy to down.

It was a great learning experience, that's for sure.
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