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01.22.2013 , 10:39 AM | #81
Personally, I'd have to say that my favorite class to play as so far is the Mercenary Bounty Hunter. I'm only Level 16 at the moment with her, but I'm loving the playstyle and PvP is just awesome with her! Now, I saw a few people saying that Mercs were ****** in PvP on a different thread but I do pretty decently with one...until the enemy notices I'm there. Then I'm f*cked.

Back on topic though, my second favorite is definitely the Jedi Shadow. I have him up to 35 right now (I know, I suck but I have a fiance and a life so I can't play ALL the time) and I love the Rogue-ish playstyle mixed with the capability to tank rather well. Shadows aren't so bad in PvP either from my experience. I'll have to play some more matches and see how things go.
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