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01.22.2013 , 08:59 AM | #5
sadly yes you were under geared for a inexperienced gamer and new to the zone.

those who know the fights or are more experienced can get away with the starter gear. such players usually are in guild groups though. problem is the group finder has nothing to help new players like yourself make a more informed decision as to not queue up for this particular hard mode with starter gear.

the players that kicked you should have spent some time explaining this to you before doing so. but perhaps it has happened to them so many times in the past they no longer have the patience to do so. in other words you are not the first new 50 to do this nor will be the last.

i would advise to queue up for the first tier hard modes and get some columni drops along with your black hole coms. in no time you will be able to do lost island hard mode.