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01.21.2013 , 10:06 PM | #1
Hello everyone,

A few days ago Divine Shadow (Prophecy of the Five) completed a 4 man Nightmare EV Title Run. I took a video of all the fights, and decided to make a compilation to show everyone that it is in fact possible (even though those enrage timers are close). It was difficult, and we had about 15 minutes left for the title but we finished it.

The participants of this run were as follows.
-Fenrir (Colm) -Sniper
-Xalex - Assassin
-Catlikethief - Sorcerer
-Ilysa - Marauder

I only got the last phase of Soa because I realised I had disabled my recording software after 2 hilarious wipes. One of them where I was up in the air until the end of phase 2, and fell straight to the ground after lol. I think it's ok considering Soa is the easiest fight of that whole thing, especially the first two phases.

Cat has screenshots of the codex entries for all the bosses, and the title at the end (I already had the title on my toon so you can't see it from my end).

I may put out another version with music instead of the teamspeak, but hopefully you all find the video enjoyable/helpful in some way.

Thanks a lot, stay classy.
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