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Yay! Poor Iresso, he needs a little love too.

I'm slowly creeping my way towards meeting him myself, and I'm curious if this guy has anything going for him. I mean, I never hear about him, unlike the other male romance companions.
He's really really sweet. To be honest, probably the most normal of all the male companions I've run across, except for a certain...well, there's a thing...companion quests... But very sweet, extremely stubborn, and he always has a plan.

Kabe's gorgeous pic there is him with customization 6 (since I don't like the default looks much). I was underwhelmed when I first got him (it did not help that Zenith is an amazing character and overshadows the rest of the JC crew for me), but he has definitely grown on me.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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