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01.21.2013 , 11:59 AM | #14
As a fresh 50 healer I would stick right behind the tank. The reason I started doing this was so when dps used AOE, the mobs attacking me got splash damage and started attacking them dps forcing to kill the mobs that were attacking me. Sorry dps, I don't blame the tank, I have never seen a healer die in trash pulls when I have been on dps or when I have been on my healer in guild runs. Follow kill order and healer lives, healer lives tank lives. Both healer and tank live we win. Group winning is more important to me than HUGE DPS numbers for a individual.

Oh and it is always the healers fault for a wipe, unless I am on dps, then the wipe is dps fault. I always think a wipe is my fault no matter my role or the skill of the group. There is always something I could have done differently and better.