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Couple different possibilities there that most of the previous posters covered. I know when I tank most HM FPs I usually ignore the normals in a given pack of trash and I only worry about holding the silvers and up because the normals should die so fast any damage they do to the healer should be negligible. Assuming the DPS is not derpy and understand the basic rule of killing weakest to strongest. Sadly this is not usually the case and I usually save my group taunt for those cases when the DPS decides to ingore the weak ones to peel them off the healer and kill them myself. It's possible the tank had the same expectation and your DPS didn't deliver.

Or the tank was derpy, or worse, everyone but you was derpy.

Ultimately though it was anything but your fault. You pulled aggro due to your heals, that can happen sometimes due to how spread out the trash is in some areas of them, but it's not anything that can't be managed if players are willing to use their brain for even a second and talk a little. Which seemingly of late fewer and fewer are willing to do.
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