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01.21.2013 , 05:22 AM | #5
Hi im really new at this. Im a Healer and when first doing Hard Modes it can be painfull!! What u describe happened many times. Its a combo of bad group and lots of fresh 50s. Really nobodies fault unless there were geared peeps with exp. The Exp. players will tell u what to do. They know these runs inside and out.
After a while i got better gear and things start 2 fall into place. Then i stopped feeling like every wipe was my fault. It takes time and healing really has little social reward 4 all the hard work.
I know exactly what ur feeling. Before u know it youll b seeing from afar that not all wipes are caused because of healer. Trust me it gets better.
Also the speed at which peeps run these makes it very hard to learn and keep up.