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That my be treu what your saying it's totaly useless to do.....but as i already posted it's a great way to learn your basics something that wil keep you alive in pvp or pve!

Also i have the other 2 classes and i can say for Sure i am doing pvp a lot better with a non-adv class that with one
I thought the post above said it was an awful way to learn the basics because you as soon as you actually pick an advanced class you will stop using 99% of the powers in the agent tree? It is not a good way to learn anything because if you want to be good at something you learn what all your tools can do, not just what you can do without tools.

I am not telling you not to play it, if you find it fun then that is good, but don't trick yourself into thinking that you are not being carried in FP's etc. It is the 'look I am being gimp but still great' people that annoy me, not the 'look I am having fun like this' people.
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